Petite Ploy's Real Escort Reviews: 25 year old escort.

Ploy's Reviews

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Ploy's Reliability

Ploy has never missed a scheduled booking.

Mickey's Honest Review of Ploy

She's new. I haven't met her and don't know much about her. She's close friends with Ming so you can probably call Ming to ask for more information about her. I can update this review to mention that every client that has seen her say that she's better than they expected and also amazing in bed.

Escort: Ploy

Date: 20th of Jun 2019


I have met Ploy several times, both for shorter and longer bookings. She is pretty, cute and very sexy. Ploy offers the complete package, a real sweetheart but nasty in bed, fun to hang out with, cheerful and easy to communicate. All in all great experience.


Response from Ploy: Thank you for nice review

Length of booking: 1 Day

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Escort: Ploy

Date: 9th of May 2019


I met Ploy earlier this week and had a great time with her. She is really sweet, with a great body and excellent attitude. As stated previously, her skills in the bedroom is absolutely top notch. Very impressive indeed... I also enjoyed her company, because she is both fun to be with and affectionate. In my opinion she is much more beautiful in person, than her pictures.


Length of booking: 1 Day

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Escort: Ploy

Date: 29th of Aug 2018


Ploy Is a beautiful upbeat girl who always has a smile on her face. One of those girls who just has an infectious good mood and is a ton of fun to be around as she is always looking to have a good time. Although young, it will become immediately obvious she is VERY skilled and experienced in the bedroom. True PSE in every since of the word, really really excellent at every aspect and I would be surprised if there was a better option as far as pure bedroom action goes. Overall just a great girl who seems to enjoy her work in the bedroom and is very very good at it. Even though her English is quite good and there were no problems communicating, she's also not the type of girl I would consider as good for multi day bookings for myself as she does not really blend in nor feel comfortable in 5* environments although Im sure she will improve with experience in these situations. Bottom line, if you are just looking for mind blowing sex and a little bit of fun in the room I would recommend her VERY highly. If you are looking for a girl to take out for a night on the town to expensive restaurants etc she might not be the right fit


Length of booking: 2 Days

Would you recommend Ploy to other clients? yes

Would you hire Ploy again? yes

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